The MAT CBT and Practice Tests have been retired as of November 15, 2023. In-Progress Practice Tests are available for one year from purchase date. For more information, go here.
About the Practice Test

Three MAT Practice Tests are currently available with analogy items like those you will find on the actual MAT.

Each Practice Test consists of 120 multiple-choice analogy items. Of the 120 items, 100 have appeared on actual MAT test forms and will be counted toward a simulated score, while the other 20 items are experimental and will not count toward your score. The actual MAT is set up this same way, and because you won't know which analogies count toward your score, you should do your best on all of them.

Like items on the actual MAT, the Practice Test items require you to use analytical skills and subject matter knowledge to solve problems stated as analogies. Each analogy item includes an explanation for the correct answer so you can understand the reasoning behind the analogy. The Practice Test includes items involving the following analogical relationship types and content areas:

Objectives image

Taking a Practice Test

You may purchase access to individual Practice Tests 4, 5, or 6 for $30.00 each. For one year from the date of purchase of each Practice Test, you are entitled to:

  • Access to 120 analogy items and their correct answers and explanations that can be reviewed as many times as you wish (not printable).
  • A printable Diagnostic Score Report that shows the number and the percent of core items (items counted toward your score) answered correctly for each item objective to help you know your strengths and weaknesses, and an approximate percentile score range indicating how your score compares to scores of other examinees from the same reference group used to determine actual MAT percentile ranks.
diagnostic report image

You may choose to score the Practice Test at any time. Once your test is scored, you will be able to continue to review the items, and print out a Diagnostic Score Report as many times as you wish until your one-year purchase period expires. However, you will not be able to score the test more than once. No refunds will be granted.

Adobe® Reader is required to view the Diagnostic Score Report. Download Adobe® Reader® here

Computer System Requirements

Be sure to review the information about browser requirements by clicking on the “Browser Requirements” link.

Getting Started

Click the “Create User Account” link from the Login page to create your user account. Once you have created your account, you may purchase MAT Practice Tests from the “My Profile” page. You only need to register once and can reuse the site as often as you like. If you have registered before, click the “Login” link to get to the “My Profile” page.